Compass Adjusting Services' Claims Team

Compass Adjusting Services has assembled one of the largest and most experienced groups of insurance claims professionals ready to assist in catastrophe and daily claims.

Field Adjusters

 Fully licensed and insured
 Experienced and construction literate
 Separate catastrophe and daily adjuster rosters
 Dress code enforced
 Trained in all types of estimating software
 Digital camera and electronic file capabilities
 Voice mail and contact assistant

Inside Claims Examiners

 Fully trained and licensed examiners to review each claim
 Separate daily and catastophe claims examiners
 Monitor and update each claim on daily activities
 Dedicated examiners to process each claim with quality reviews
 Assist customer, field staff and insured on claims status and closures

Claims Management

 Over 25 years experience in daily and catastrophe claims handling
 Separate daily and catastrophe management staff
 100% quality assurance on each completed claim, prior to closing
 Direct supervision of all adjusters and staff
 Utilization of Com-Track, our exclusive and custom written computerized management system
 Com-Track's ability to track and monitor claims from start to finish